Time Matters®

Timeslips is a time and billing software program that has been well-established in the service industry for over 25 years.

As of this June, Timeslips is available in two version types.  Timeslips Premium is sold on a subscription-type basis and has a new underlying, more modern SQL-like platform.  This version is more stable and secure and more resilient to corruption due to network issues.  There is now limitless database size capacity and a limitless number of concurrent users in the database.  Bill generation is 5x faster.  Timeslips Premium has an enhanced Billing Assistant.

Timeslips 2017 is also available.  This version is the same as Premium (except for a couple of features) and is purchased on a perpetual basis (not subscription pricing).

The Borland Database Engine (BDE) platform version of Timeslips is no longer available.

Features in Sage Timeslips include:

  • Easy time and expense tracking
  • Multiple billing arrangements for clients
  • Billing Assistant to provide client information/billing data in one location
  • Complete Accounts Receivable and Retainer/Trust Account Management
  • Professional looking bills
  • Industry standard electronic billing, including LEDES98 and Litigation Advisor
  • Water mark for Draft Bills
  • Over 100 predefined reports
  • Ability to create custom reports and graphs
  • Links to popular accounting packages
  • Link to Outlook
  • Merge data with Microsoft Word
  • Link to Time Matters and other third party applications
  • eCenter - web-based time and expense entry service
  • Voice to text capabilities
  • Scalable

Robin has been certified on Timeslips since the start of their certified consultant program over 20 years ago.  Services include sale of Timeslips and Add-ons, on-site training, customized documentation, data repair, emails with step-by-step instructions in response to questions, remote login to client's computers with Logmein Rescue so client's can watch Robin at work, as well as any other type of assistance a firm needs.